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Services and Expertise

Deering Petrophysical Ltd is able to supply fully independent interpretation of all aspects of wireline and LWD log data.  I am able to work either in the clients office or remotely (and a combination of the two ).  I offer a range of services from simple log data QA/QC and digitizing to single well analysis and larger integrated project work including multiple wells with core and pressure data.

Services Offered by Deering Petrophysical

Operations Petrophysics

  • Formation Evaluation Programme Design

    • Wireline & LWD Services

    • Coring Services (CCA & SCAL)

    • Mudlogging Services

  • Logging Programme & Operations QA/QC

Wireline and LWD Log Interpretation

  • Basic Suites (GR, Density, Neutron, Sonic, Resistivity)

  • Advanced  Suites (NMR, Dielectric, 3D Resistivity)

  • Formation Pressure Analysis

  • Single Well, Multiwell

  • Documentation​

    • Report in Word format​

    • Summary in PowerPoint format


  • Convert  paper logs to digital data

Data Room Support

  • Provide petrophysical view of available data

       Interpretation Expertise   

  • Quicklook (spreadsheet) Analysis

  • Deterministic Petrophysics

  • Optimising Petrophysics

  • Shaly Sand Analysis

  • Thin Bed Analysis

  • Tight Reservoir Analysis

  • Low Resistivity Pay Analysis

  • Log-core Integration

  • Old Well (pre 1970s) Analysis

  • Saturation Height Analysis

    • Rock Type

    • Fluid Contact Calculation

  • Formation Pressure Analysis

    • Single & Multiwell


  • Public Speaking

  • Expert Geolog user

  • Interactive Petrophysics license holder

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